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We would like to welcome you to Lifevantage! It is a such a great honor to have you as part of

our team! We believe with hard work and being coachable that you will be a great success!

There is no sense in reinventing the wheel, so we are going to pass along to you some great

tools in this business to help you get started. They are in easy to follow steps below.

1. Listen to Master Pro 10 Carrie Dickie’s CD New Distributor Training.

It is located on this link.


2. Establish your Clearly Defined written Goals or your “Whys” for doing the business.

Why are you doing this business?

To pay off debt?

To spend more time with your family?

To buy a house? To be a stay at home mom or dad?

To Travel?

To help others with their financial needs?

Whatever it is you need to WRITE them down. You are 85% more likely to succeed in

this business if you have clearly written out goals and whys? While doing that, why not put a date

down that you would like to accomplish these things!

3. Get to know your team! Your upline wants to help….They LOVE to help. GO ahead give them

a call!

Remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil! The more these people hear from you the more they

know that you are wanting to really work! They will work hard for you! And they will be excited to

hear from you.

4. Make a database of up to 200 people.

All of the Elite Pro 7-10 share how they made it to Elite, by going through a list of 200.

Remember it is a numbers game! If you keep trying eventually someone is going to say yes.

Some will say it sooner than others.

In this list you will divide them up into 4 groups

Cold- people you do not know very well or maybe you just met them

Warm- Friends you know, but they are not your close friends. Your FAMILY is also in the category. Your Family is your BIGGEST critic, and will be the hardest to work with.

Hot- Your friends who you are VERY close to! These are typically people you think that they will for SURE sign up for a business partnership.

Chicken List- These are people you respect. And because you respect them, most likely other people respect them. These people are your BEST business partners.

You want to start inviting people who are in your HOT and COLD list. DO NOT invite in the other 2 lists until you get great at doing your invitiation.

Trying to remember people?

Look at your cell phone, facebook, yearbooks.

Who did you work with, or for?

Who is your neighbor or was your neighbor.

Who do you know named Joe? Rachael? Steve?

Who do you know at the gym, children’s sports teams?

5. Before calling the people, see whats in their area!

Remember there are other markets where there are things already going on! But please

understand this is a great thing! The business opportunity is still great! The timing is amazing.

With people in their area, that means they have a STRONG support team. Do not be afraid those

people in that area, even though they might not know them, would LOVE to help!

You can find whats going on all over the world by going to:


6. How to Present the Business.

Invite to people to your first meetings Click on the link below.


It is always important that you understand. NEVER present by email, texting, or facebook. If you

can meet them in person this is ALWAYS best! If you do not have their contact information it is

ok to get that from facebook or email.

7. Keep a Record of who you talked to and what they said!

It is best to follow up with in 24 to 48 hours. Pl ease look at the follow up section from the

previous point.

8. Prepare your Schedule.

This is a CRUCIAL point to the whole game! Do not just say you are going to work the business,

actively make time to do the business. Fit it into the nooks and crannies of your life. We

understand you are a busy person. We also believe that busy people get more done! So for

example, maybe on the way home from work, while you are driving, you can make a call and

invite someone to dinner, lunch, or coffee to tell them about the business. So make a schedule. I

am going to call this person at this time! Write it down!

9. Plan to attend the next leadership events!

I cannot emphasize how important these are! These are CRUCIAL to your success. People who

attend these accelerate their business 6 months faster than those who do not. Below is the link

to look at all events and to register for them. If you signed up for the Master Track Pass, they

have already been paid for. If you have NOT signed up for the Master Track Pass, remember you

have 30 days from the day you enrolled as a distributor to sign up at the discounted $370 price.

By the way you can also sign up your spouse for that same price as well, and you know she

would like to go to them as well.



Event Registration


10. Make sure to keep this email to send to your future distributors when they sign up!

We look forward to working with you! Please know that you can call at ANYTIME!

Want more business tips?  Join me at Periscope for almost daily business Lifevantage tips! @jskokenzie  download the APP below!




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